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The Stein Eye Institute's Donor Eye Program actively engages in informing the public about the need for eye tissue and for retrieving donated eyes. Over the years, the program has been successful in increasing the number of eyes available to the Institute for corneal transplantation and scientific study. Due to the generosity of donors and the cooperation of other eye banks, the waiting time for corneal transplantation has decreased from several months to a week or two. Eye tissue for emergency cases is available within 24 hours. Tissue unsuitable for transplantation into a living eye may be used in scientific research and thus save sight in another way.

In 1987, the UCLA Eye & Tissue Bank and Regional Organ Procurement Agency joined forces to further improve the availability of organs and eye tissue at UCLA. They created one 24-hour Organ and Tissue Referral Number to simplify the donation and retrieval process, and are reinforcing the need for donors through joint educational efforts. Any person wishing to donate an organ or make the precious gift of sight to others is invited to call.

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