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Aesculapius, the Greco-Roman god of medicine.  
A gift of an endowment demonstrates a long-term commitment to the Stein Eye Institute, since the fund is maintained in perpetuity. A portion of the annual investment income is used to support clinician and scientific initiatives and the remaining investment yield is returned to principal; thus, over the years, the fund can grow and provide continuous support. An endowment serves as an enduring legacy as it can bear the donors name, or can honor a loved one. These funds can be made payable for up to five years.

Giving opportunities exist for endowed chairs; endowed fellowships; and endowed funds for research, education and patient care. However you choose to support JSEI, you will be embarking on a partnership with one of the world's preeminent eye research centers. Such an investment will greatly expand our understanding of the causes of eye diseases, expose alternative treatment options, and ultimately prevent blindness.

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