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Recognizing that ophthalmologists have special training and exquisite understanding of the eye as well as skill with fine instruments, and microsurgical skills often critical for pleasing outcomes, patients come to the Aesthetic Center for every type of surgery involving the eyes and face.



Types of Aesthetic Surgery Offered

Minimally invasive or small-incision eyelid, forehead, and facial surgery

Laser resurfacing and facial aesthetic surgery for wrinkles and sun damage
Combination functional and aesthetic surgery (aesthetic improvement in addition to tightening up or lifting aging tissues so as to improve vision)

Botox, a popular nonsurgical option for reducing wrinkles and furrows, which has been used at the Institute for aesthetic purposes for more than 10 years. Botox injection is sometimes combined with other techniques such as laser resurfacing.

Secondary aesthetic surgery for patients who want to improve the results of prior surgery, or who have complications that threaten their vision.

Virtually all procedures are performed on an outpatient basis, and new technologies have much reduced recovery times over the years.

Specialized Services
To further enhance the experience for patients, the Aesthetic Center offers several specialized services. Digital imaging allows patients to view themselves before and after surgery or review pictures of patients who have undergone similar procedures. In addition, customized videotapes inform patients about specific aesthetic procedures and preview what they can anticipate during their own surgery.

Additional Benefits
The Center's aesthetic consultant, who has special training in surgical aspects of aesthetics, advises patients before and after surgery and offers instruction in appropriate makeup application. Although with newer, minimally invasive procedures, many patients are quite comfortable recovering at home, the Aesthetic Center also eases the postoperative transition for each patient by coordinating with a range of home nursing services and aftercare facilities.

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